The International Award Le Velo was conceived in 1997, and subsequently carried out, by the current Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Transportation Riccardo Nencini.

Thanks to the collaboration and participation of institutions, companies, banks, the International Award Le Velo has been able to establish itself over the years. It has thus become an eagerly awaited annual event for sportsmen, journalists, sports managers and administrators. It also captures the attention of local and national media.

The award aims to reward athletes, and others, who have had excellent results in national and international sporting events.

In addition the recognition to promote technical values, human and solidarity strictly legal in the sports world.


On Monday 18th December 2017 at 8.00 pm at the Fattoria il Palagio of Scarperia will host the 21st edition of the International Award “Le Velo-L’Europa per lo sport”, where sportsmen, journalists, administrators and sport managers will be present.

As every year, people belonging to various categories of sport will be awarded, not only those who practice it but also those who teach it and those who tell it.

Le Velo is included in the initiatives of the Consorzio Mugello Mediceo.

During the event there will be an exhibition of sculptures by Luca Mommarelli.

Do not miss the charity with the Voa Via association! Onlus – Friends of Sofia, which deals with social health care, psychological, legal and economic support for families with children affected by rare neurodegenerative diseases diagnosed in pediatric age.

The award-winning plaques will be made of ceramic by Marco Augusti.


  • Michele Romano, born in Greve in Chianti in 1968, dedicated his life to sport but in particular to karate. He has been part of the Italian National team for 13 years. The award is given to him for the diffusion and teaching of karate.
  • Andrea Pieri is president of Rari Nantes Florentia and vice president of Federnuoto. He is rewarded for having created a valuable sports society and is having excellent results.
  • Elena Pirrone, only 18 from Bolzano, is a cycling champion who in 2017 achieved important milestones by becoming a world champion in time trials in Bergen.
  • Gabriele Rossetti, a 22-year-old boy from Ponte Buggianese, reached the highest peak of his career at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.
  • Renzo Ulivieri has an important career as a football coach behind him. He is currently President of the associazione Italiana Allenatori Calcio, which is achieving results throughout Europe.

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