When visiting Mugello

Planning a trip is always a pleasure, but this involves many decisions in order to make a fulfilling and tailor made holiday. Important is the decision of the means of transport to reach the destination, where to stay and what to see. Deciding when visiting Mugello, if you want to spend your holidays in this part of Tuscany, is one of those. 

But the most important thing is choosing the period of year, more suited to your needs, where to visit the tourist destination. In this article we will explain the positive aspects and not of when visiting Mugello according to the seasons.

Many people opt for summer vacations, mostly in August, but there are many other options to consider. Traveling at other times of the year can sometimes cost less and find less traffic. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the time that best suits your needs when visiting Mugello.

Mugello in Autumn

From October, the woods and hills of Mugello begin to change color by taking the beautiful shades ranging from brown to orange to yellow. The leaves begin to fall and in the air you feel the scent of the “chestnuts”. People in the place love to go to the woods looking for mushrooms and picking up the  chestnuts. Days start to shrink and usually the sun sets at 17:00 in the afternoon. Temperatures fall slowly (around 15 ° C) and rain increases (about 88 mm), especially in November (more than 100 mm).

Mugello in Winter

From December it enters the true winter climate and begins to breathe the Christmas air. The streets, houses and shops begin to be decorated with lights and Christmas trees. If you are lucky you can even see snow, especially at high altitudes, and go on snow with the toboggan. Beautiful to see is the “frost” present on meadows and trees in the morning with the rays of the sun. Of course this will bring some small problems. The minimum temperatures are reached in January and February and often go below zero and hardly exceed 5 ° C.

Mugello in Spring

From late March, early April, the days begin to extend and temperatures are on the rise. It is definitely the best time to visit the Mugello. The countries celebrate parties and you can practice many outdoor activities. In addition to the beautiful sunny days, you may also encounter rainy days (about 70 mm).

Mugello in Summer

From June you enter the real summer climate, with hot and long days. Often until 20:30 the sun doesn’t set. Rainfall is more and more rarely . The countries still organize party and outdoor activities. It may happen that the thermometer reaches temperatures above 35 ° C. The positive aspect of Mugello is that at the night the temperatures drop and circulate a delicious breeze that refreshes you and lets you rest.

Discover where is Mugello


Discover Mugello is a site entirely dedicated to Mugello. Here you will find interesting news about the ten Municipalities, recreational activities, where to stay and where to sleep. It is the ideal place to organize your holiday in these beautiful hills near Florence.