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Dicomano is geographically the last municipality in the northwest of Valdisieve. It has a very ancient origin because the characteristics of its territory were particularly favorable to the development of human settlements.

There have been found remains of the Etruscan age, which can still be seen at Frascole’s archaeological site.

Dicomano was later occupied by the Romans who built a military colony there. Probably the name of the Commune derives from the names the Romans gave to the paths that border the colonies, or rather “Decumanus”. Other scholars say the name  derived from the river Comano.

In the Middle Ages, it became one of the most prestigious commercial centers thanks to its proximity to one of the most important pass to access Romagna.

That is why the Florentine Republic began expropriating the local feudal lords and destroying the castles.

Around the 15th century Dicomano spends a period of splendor thanks to its markets that allowed the village an autonomy over the Florentine countryside.

Dicomano has been from ancient times, a meeting place and exchange.


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