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Discovermugello is an online tourist guide dedicated to tourism in Mugello, located a few kilometers north of Florence. Inside you can find a lot of information about which accommodation to choose from for your stay, restaurants where you can eat local cuisine, monuments to visit and tips on activities to do to spend a pleasant holiday in Mugello.

In this section you can find many information and curiosities on the land of Mugello such as the tourist tax to be paid during your stay, famus and illustrious people who have lived in Mugello, information and curiosity on the monuments of the provinces of the different municipalities.

Of particular interest may be stories, myths, tales and legends that have been handed down from generation to generation through the tales of the locals.

What are you waiting for? Discover with us the information and curiosity about Mugello.

Brunelleschi's clock

Brunelleschi’s clock

Not many people know the existence of the Brunelleschi’s clock in the tower of the Palazzo dei Vicari in Scarperia. This was made by the great Filippo Brunelleschi, who received 20 gold florins in return. It was built in 1445, the year before the death of the great Renaissance architect. FILIPPO BRUNELLESCHI: FATHER OF THE CLOCK OF SCARPERIA Historical sources gave birth to Filippo Brunelleschi’s interest in watchmaking several times. On 29 May 1446 the illegitimate son of the artist…

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VKA Vodka

VKA Vodka: the vodka of Mugello

VKA vodka made in Tuscany that has managed to conquer the fans of this wonderful distillate. Since 2013 is on the Italian market, and not only, VKA vodka produced by organic farming, the first to be made in Tuscany. VKA Vodka bio has a great versatility capable of creating drinks for any occasion, without limiting imagination. The creator of this magnificent product of Mugello, which at first seemed almost a gamble challenging the world’s colossus such as Russia, is Luca…

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Circuito stradale del Mugello

Mugello road circuit: the path, the races and the reasons for its end

Mugello has always been a land of engines. Even before the construction of the current Mugello Circuit, the “Grand Prix of Mugello” took place on the Mugello Road Circuit. This automobile competition, organized by the Automobile Club Firenze, took place from 1914 to 1970. THE PATH It was a circuit between the streets of the different municipalities of Mugello. The roads used for this circuit were mostly mule tracks and full of potholes. Until that moment it was only traveled…

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bottiglia acqua panna

The source and characteristics of Acqua Panna

Transparency, freshness and purity. These are the characteristics that make one immediately think of water. Mugello has a very important natural mineral water source known all over the world: Acqua Panna. ORIGIN OF THE ACQUA PANNA Acqua Panna takes its name from the Renaissance Medici Villa Panna, belonging to the Medici family. Today the villa is part of a natural reserve of 1300 hectares and was the original site of the establishments of Acqua Panna. In ancient times the only road…

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Pietra serena di Firenzuola scultura

Serena stone of Firenzuola: features and curiosity

The serena stone of Firenzuola, extracted in the quarries of the homonymous municipality, is considered synonymous with prestige and elegance. This stone is the symbol of the Florentine Renaissance. It has been used by famous people such as Michelangelo or Brunelleschi for the construction of the Dome of the Florence (Santa Maria del Fiore). In particular, Brunelleschi has made the serena stone the protagonist of the new architecture. As a result, around 1350 the architects and sculptors began to use…

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Discover Mugello is a site entirely dedicated to Mugello. Here you will find interesting news about the ten Municipalities, recreational activities, where to stay and where to sleep. It is the ideal place to organize your holiday in these beautiful hills near Florence.