Borgo San Lorenzo

Borgo San Lorenzo

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Borgo San Lorenzo si trova nella valle della Sieve. E’ sicuramente uno tra i comuni più importanti del Mugello. Il Comune comprende le seguenti frazioni: Casaglia, Faltona, Grezzano, Luco di Mugello, Panicaglia, Polcanto, Razzuolo, Ronta, Rabatta, Sagginale e Salaiole.

The completely restored Borgo’s historic center houses many shops, all of which are grouped together in the Natural Shopping Center.

Some testimonies, restored near Ronta, show that Borgo San Lorenzo was still inhabited before the Etruscans. Some remains were found near Ronta. In the 2nd century BC There settled the Romans, who formed the settlement Anneianum. In the Middle Ages the primitive nucleus formed around a court of the Ubaldini, where the ancient Roman hamlet of Anneianum originally stood. In the Middle Ages Borgo belonged to the Ubaldini. Then in the 10th century it was under the rule of the Florentine Bishop who had to leave the country in 1222. In 1290 Borgo suffered attacks by the Ghibellines. To defend themselves from these attacks, and from the Visconti of Milan, in 1351 Florence intervened building the walls around the perimeter of Borgo San Lorenzo. In 1440 Borgo was besieged by Niccolò Piccinino, ally of the Albizi against the Medici, but failed to conquer Borgo. With the fall of the Republic of Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo entered the Medici principality. Under the Asburgo-Loreina, the country spends a period of glory so as to become the main Mugello center. In the 1800s some factories were built but above all the railway network was built (Florence, Faenza, Pontassieve). In 1861 King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy included Borgo San Lorenzo to the Kingdom of Italy. In 1906 Galileo and Chino Chini founded the Fornaci San Lorenzo manufactory. Between 1943 and 1944 the country was bombarded causing numerous damage (also the manufacturing of the Chini family and the railway bridge were destroyed).


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