With us to the discover of Mugello,a holiday in the green hills just a few kilometers from Florence.

Surrounded by nature

Discover the beauty of the Mugello nature in every season.

Discovering Mugello

Discover Mugello

Site entirely dedicated to Mugello. Here you will find interesting news about the Municipalities, activities to play, where to sleep and where to eat.

Discover with us the Municipalities of Mugello
Lago di Bilancino - Barberino

Barberino di Mugello

Discovering Lake of Bilancino and Barberino Designer Outlet. 

Borgo San Lorenzo

Borgo San Lorenzo

House of the Chini family, ceramics masters and of Art Nouveau.



Land of the Etruscans and the last common northwest of Valdisieve.



The beautiful country that Santerno flow through. 



Land of good chestnut, and the poet Dino Campana.

Palazzuolo sul Senio

Ideal village of Italy

san piero a sieve

San Piero a Sieve

Between convents and villas in the hills of Mugello.

palazzo dei vicari Scarperia


One of the most beautiful villages in Italy and the land of motors.

Parco pratolino


The Gardens of Wonders



The birthplace of Giotto and Beato Angelico, as well as the land of Don Milani.

Other information about Mugello

Mugello Circuit

Mugello Circuit is an Italian automotive and motorcycle circuit located in the town of Scarperia.

Shopping in Mugello

The ideal place for shopping in Mugello Barberino Designer Outlet, located a few meters from the motorway toll booth.

itinerari trekking mugello

Trekking Mugello, itineraries SO.F.T.

Mugello is the ideal place for trekking and excursions thanks to the beautiful naturalistic landscape that this territory offers.

Treno di Dante

Dante’s Train: What is it?

The Dante’s Train is a journey that runs from Florence to Faenza on the old railway of 1893 on board a low-speed train. It’s a unique experience.

Brunelleschi's clock

Brunelleschi’s clock

Not many people know the existence of the Brunelleschi’s clock in the tower of the Palazzo dei Vicari in Scarperia. This was made by the great Filippo Brunelleschi, who received 20 gold florins in return. It was built in 1445, the year before the death of the great Renaissance architect. FILIPPO BRUNELLESCHI: FATHER OF THE CLOCK OF SCARPERIA Historical sources gave birth to Filippo Brunelleschi’s interest in watchmaking several times. On 29 May 1446 the illegitimate son of the artist…

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VKA Vodka

VKA Vodka: the vodka of Mugello

VKA vodka made in Tuscany that has managed to conquer the fans of this wonderful distillate. Since 2013 is on the Italian market, and not only, VKA vodka produced by organic farming, the first to be made in Tuscany. VKA Vodka bio has a great versatility capable of creating drinks for any occasion, without limiting imagination. The creator of this magnificent product of Mugello, which at first seemed almost a gamble challenging the world’s colossus such as Russia, is Luca…

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Potatoes tortelli of Mugello: the original recipe

The origin of the potatoes tortelli of Mugello is very old. For the first time the stuffed pasta appears in 1400 in a poem by the Pulci, poet of the Court of Lorenzo the Magnificent. The potatoes tortelli was born as a poor dish, as an alternative to the tortelli stuffed with chestnuts, fruit harvested throughout the Mugello. The potatoes tortelli of Mugello are distinguished by its square shape and by its size much larger than the other tortelli. The…

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Treno della Befana

Train of the Epiphany 2018

Also this year, as is now the case since 2005, Saturday 6 January 2018 the “Train of the Epiphany” will arrive at the San Piero a Sieve station. Befana will also be on board. Tickets of the train of the Epiphany can be purchased by January 3, 2018. TRAIN OF THE EPIPHANY: HOW TO RETURN BACK IN TIME It is an ancient steam train that starts from the station of Florence Santa Maria Novella and arrives at the station of…

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New Year 2018 in Mugello

NWho we are? Where do we go? What do we do? Usually these are the most frequent questions that every person asks himself when deciding on where and how to celebrate the arrival of the new year. Unfortunately on the first question we can not do much but we can help you solve the last two. Here are some proposals, suitable for all tastes, that will finally answer the question of where to celebrate and what to do for the…

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Discover Mugello is a site entirely dedicated to Mugello. Here you will find interesting news about the ten Municipalities, recreational activities, where to stay and where to sleep. It is the ideal place to organize your holiday in these beautiful hills near Florence.