Mugello on foot

Exploring the Mugello on foot is definitely an experience to try. The natural conformation allows those who wish to venture into the green of this magical place in Tuscany, to organize excursions of varying difficulty and duration.

Wonderful scenery accompany the athletes in all their outdoor activities that allow you to discover the Mugello on foot.

Itineraries for all

For those who want to face a day exploring the area but without returning home with calf pain and short breath, it is advisable to take a beautiful walk around Lake of Bilancino at Barberino di Mugello, or go on the Sentiero escursionistico Sieve. The latter has a length of almost 20 km almost flat. The route extends from the Commune of Vicchio, precisely at Ponte a Vicchio, to San Piero a Sieve, passing through Borgo San Lorenzo. Do not forget that one of the best ways to discover the Mugello on foot is means the wandering between the different countries. Only in this way will you find unexpected places. What you will bring home after one of these walks in Mugello will only be the memory of a suggestive panorama that will fill you with your gaze. You will remember the sounds of nature, the scents of the woods and the Mugello valley. Although the paths just described are what everyone can deal with, as short and not demanding, they will no longer be fascinating.

Trekking itineraries

Mugello is an ideal place for trekking and hiking thanks to the beauty of the natural landscape that this territory offers. The Mugello is full of paths, even of different difficulty and duration. You will have the embarrassment of choice. Surely, given the wide choice, you will be able to find a path that meets your needs. The most important hiking ring, consisting of 22 rings, extends around the SO.F.T. itineraries. To find out, go to the trekking section by clicking here.
So what are you waiting for? Pull out your “wild” side and face new goals in the Mugello Mountains.

Discover Mugello  on bike


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