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The Municipality of Vicchio is located in the Mugello hills, in Tuscany. In this country were born Giotto and Beato Angelico, two important Italian painters. The house of Giotto, located in Vespignano, is still to be visited today. Blessed Angelico was born in the hamlet of Moriano. He was given the name of Blessed for his religiosity, humility, and humanity.

Also Giosuè Carducci travelled frequently to Vicchio because he was a guest of the Giarrè Billi family. It was he who built the statue of Giotto, which can still be seen in the central square today.

In the hamlet of Barbiana he lived an important figure in history, Don Lorenzo Milani. He took care of educating the kids in the countryside. With them written an extraordinary book, Lettera a una professoressa.

In 1984 Vicchio was the scene of a double murder of the Monster in Florence, where two boys aged 21 and 18 were killed.

Vicchio is connected with the “Panoramica” road to the hamlet of Ronta (in the Borgo San Lorenzo Municipality) from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mugello.

Vicchio has very ancient origins, as evidenced by the Etruscan finds of Poggio Colla. Around the year One thousand the land was dominated by the Count Guidi family, which built many castles and rural churches. There was another family on the territory, that of Ubaldini.

At the end of the thirteenth century it passed under the Florentine Republic.

he country became acquainted with a new socio-economic organization, the people were liberated from feudal franchises and new urban centers were created.

In 1295 Vico was born, then transformed into Vicchio. In 1324 the walls and six towers were built, which were destroyed during the 1919 earthquake. Remained only three towers of the six existing. Two were later demolished by the German army during the retreat of World War II. Today, you can admire the Cerchiaia tower, visible from Piazza della Vittoria.

Vicchio became the office of the mayor, which had a statute based on freedom. The latter has a coat of arms with pine, three pine cones and 2 stars. This statute is now kept in the historical archive of the Commune.

Vicchio, over the centuries, has become increasingly important in Mugello, so much so that a weekly market was set up on Thursday. Also today it is done in this day.

Another important event for the country was the Fiera Calda, which took place, and is still held, on the last Wednesday of August. He was very renowned for the huge amount of goods and animals exposed.


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