Mugello on bike

For bike lovers it will be a real adventure travel the Mugello Valley by bike because it allows the tourist to savor the villages and above all the nature that populate it and surrounds it.

If you want to receive an attestation for the route in Mugello, you can request two types of licenses which are made available by “Mugello in Bike“. The card is completely free and allows access to all the services of the cycling system, such as accredited hospitality and refreshment points. You need to register in the My Area section if you want to take advantage of the different services. You can download the GPS path for smartphones and navigators. The card is connected to the totems present in the territory and record the passage. This way you can get the final patent and at the same time measure the performance by accessing the personal area. On every totem there is all the information about the itineraries and thanks to the QR code you can browse the Mugello in Bike website.

Licence of cycle tourist

The license of cycle tourist is available by Mugello in Bike. The path is “Gran Tour” is indicated by totems and yellow signals. It is possible to start at any point. The certificate is only obtained after completing the entire path (realize in a clockwise), or after passing through all the totems. However, you must complete the journey in a maximum of 9 days. Once the course has been completed, the certificate may be withdrawn at the agreed points or can be sent at home. You can also download it directly from the private area.

The 13 totems equipped with reader are located at:

  • Barberino di Mugello (reader “running”)
  • Passo della Futa (reader “running”)
  • Passo della Raticosa
  • Firenzuola
  • Valico del Paretaio
  • Palazzuolo sul Senio
  • Marradi
  • Dicomano
  • Ponte a Vicchio
  • Borgo San Lorenzo
  • Vetta Le Croci (Olmo)
  • San Piero a Sieve
  • Scarperia

Climber Licence

The second licence that is available, always from Mugello on Bike, for those who decide to discover Mugello on bike is called “Climber Licence”. The certificate is obtained after climbing the 7 climbs equipped with a reader. The route must be completed at most within 6 months and it is necessary to pass throught the  departure-arrival totem two times. The certificate may be withdrawn at the agreed points or sent to your home. You can also download it from the private area.

The climbs you can travel for Mugello on bike are the following:

  • Passo della Sambuca from Palazzuolo sul Senio
  • Passo della Raticosa from Firenzuola
  • Passo del Colla di Casaglia from Borgo San Lorenzo
  • Passo della Futa from Barberino di Mugello (in this case the survey will be carried out during the passage)
  • Passo del Giogo from Scarperia
  • Valico del Paretaio from Firenzuola (currently is available the totem of Firenzuola and not at Coniale)
  • Vetta Le Croci (Olmo) from Borgo San Lorenzo

Withdrawal of licenses at agreed centers

Here are the centers that are approved to withdraw the Climber Licence

Borgo San LorenzoBarberino di MugelloFirenzuolaMarradiPalazzuolo sul SenioDicomanoFirenze
UISP DELEGAZIONE MUGELLO c/o Centro Piscine del Mugello

Via P. Caiani, 28

Phone. 055 8458290

Fax 055 8458307

From Monday to Saturday 9 am-19 pm

Sunday 9 am- Midday 


Viale Gramsci, 39/A

Phone. 055 8471862

Closed Monday


corso peschiera 156/b


Via Villani 


Via Castelnaudary, 12

Phone. 333 4483779

Closed Tuesday 


Via Roma, 9

Phone. 055 8046098

Closed Friday 


Viale Vittorio Veneto, 60

Phone. 055 8386077

Closed Sunday 


Via Bocchi, 32

Tel. 055 6583501

Fax 055 685064

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3pm to 7pm 

Discover Mugello on foot


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