palazzo dei vicari Scarperia

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Scarperia has been declared one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is a place rich in history, culture and beautiful landscapes. Its importance is mainly due to the craftsmanship of knives and the Mugello Circuit where MotoGP races take place. Since 2014 it has been joined with the Municipality of San Piero in Sieve, thus forming the City of Scarperia and San Piero. Scarperia was founded in 1306 by the Florentine Republic under the name Castel San Barnaba, as a military outpost. Only then will Scarperia be named, which literally means “at the escarpment of the Appennines“. The main function of the town was to check the connections between Florence and Bologna. The design of the construction was entrusted to the architect Andrea Pisano, but he probably worked to build only the Palazzo dei Vicari.

To facilitate the population of the new town, the Republic of Florence granted a tax exemption to all those who had built a house in Scarperia. In 1415 it became the seat of the Vicariate, so the Palazzo dei Vicari, born as a fortress, became the residence of the Vicar. His job was to govern the country. Between 1400 and 1500, Scarperia began its first activities: craft workshops and hostels were built along the main street.

In a short time, iron processing and knife sales became the main activity.

The 1700 was a very difficult time for Scarperia because it opened the way to the Futa and was therefore excluded from the “traffic” of people and merchants who had favored its birth and development.

In 1800, when it was decided to break down the walls and doors, there was some improvement. Over the centuries, some buildings underwent modifications, also due to the earthquakes that affected the area.

Unfortunately Scarperia,  because of the 1906 Giolitti law that prohibited trade and the use of knives with a length above the palm of one hand, faces another difficult period.

The Municipality of Scarperia is home to the source of Acqua Panna. It is an unspoiled and protected place since the Renaissance, now protected by the Sanpellegrino Group. Around the source was born a reserve that aims to preserve centuries-old beech, chestnut and coniferous forests. In addition there is a vast agricultural land cultivated by local farmers without using chemicals. In 2000, the natural reserve became a controlled and certified organic farm.


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