Mugello history

The Mugello history is very ancient, so much so in the municipalities of Barberino, Borgo San Lorenzo and San Piero a Sieve were found paleolithic remains.

Tradition, however, wants the Ligurian tribe of the Magelli live first in the area . Later Mugello was invaded by the Etruscans who built the first road network which connected Fiesole to Bologna. The latter will then be improved by the Romans who settled in the territory between the 3rd and 4th centuries BC.

During the fall of the West Roman Empire, the Mugello’s fate followed those of all Italy and there are few news. Mugello, in the Longobard Kingdom, occupied a border area and great tensions. In 1400 the western part of the country was dominated by the Alberti family and the Ubaldini family. The eastern part was manage by Count Guidi. Florence was becoming an independent city-state and it was not easy to control the countryside.

Very important was the struggle between Florence and the Ubaldini family in Mugello. Mugello was the main hub of the trade northward. Many castles of the Ubaldini were destroyed, such as the fortress of Montaccianico. In order to overcome these struggles, the Florentine Republic decided to create “New Lands“, that is, the current municipalities of Scarperia and Firenzuola. The Republic promised tax exemption and protection for all those who had built in the new municipalities.

The Mugello history continues between the 14th and the 15th centuries the Mugello crosses a period of splendor thanks to the Medici family, who built on the territory numerous villas still present. After a period of prosperity the territory crosses a dark period that will improve under the family of Lorraine.

In 1860 the Mugello and Tuscany were annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia.

During the Second World War it was repeatedly bombed and countries suffered numerous damages.

In the post-war years, the Mugello’s economy succeeds in reforesting and creating many industries.

Today, the main resource of the territory is tourism, thanks to its history, its unspoilt nature and its cuisine.

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