Mugello in vintage car

Mugello in vintage carThe tour in vintage cars are increasingly taking field and the demands are more and more.

The lovers of vintage cars to discover Mugello in vintage car, has always been a land of engines. This bond was born in 1914 when, the Automobile Club in Florence, decided to create a Road Circuit in Mugello. This event marked the history of these lands and of Italian motoring.

Going to discover the Mugello hills, the little countries rich in history, art and culture will all have another flavor. The journey to Mugello in vintage car will become something unique and unrepeatable.

Traveling by car allows you to spend one or more days just as you once did, with the “slowness” that only the vintage car can give.

Among the many itineraries that can be done with the vintage cars, the most interesting in Mugello, is inside the Mugello Road Circuit. This circuit was particularly loved by motorists both for its difficulty and for the landscape beauty it offered. You too can relive the emotions of the first car racing.

An excellent solution could be to rent a vintage car in Florence and get to Mugello along Via Faentina. This way you can enjoy the beautiful countryside around Florence.

Usually companies offer the option of delivering and picking up the vintage car directly to the airport, hotel or anywhere else the customer desires. Normally the reservation is compulsory.

Where to rent a vintage car

There are several companies in the area that offer this type of service, such as:

  • Sprintage classic car touring

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  • Chianti Classic Car

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  • Emanuel Limousine Service

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