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Marradi is part of the Alto Mugello Municipalities and is located in the Tosco-Romagna Apennines. This is a small municipality, bathed by the river Lamone. This is the ideal destination for those who want to spend a holiday of culture and nature.

Marradi was inhabited since ancient times, probably by the Ligurians, the Etruscans and the Gauls. In the Roman era it was called Castellum and it served to support the passengers. On the right of the river Lamone there was a farm called “Marrado”. Probably from here derives its name Marradi. After the barbarian invasions, the country passed under the rule of the Church and numerous churches were built. In the fifteenth century it passed under the protection of Florence and the commune spends a very difficult time. It flourishes under the Lorena family. Thanks to its position halfway between Tuscany and Romagna, it became an important trading center.

History has left several types of buildings that tell its history over the centuries.

The importance of the municipality is also due to the construction of the Florence-Faenza railway line and to the poet Dino Campana.

In October, the feast of chestnuts takes place, a fundamental resource for Marradi.


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