On Sunday, October 22, there will be the last appointment of the “Chestnut festival and typical products” in San Piero a Sieve. This is the third edition and is organized by the Pro Loco of the place. The past editions had come to an end with great success. To date, the chestnut festival in San Piero a Sieve, which takes place at the Area Feste of the country, has had a great impact, thanks to the almost spring time.

To create interest were the quality and variety of products offered. The protagonist is the chestnut IGP of Mugello which can be tasted in the form of roasted chestnuts or other chestnuts-based products. There are also shows suitable for all ages and all tastes. Children’s entertainment is run by the Consulta dei Genitori of San Piero a Sieve. For Sunday, October 22, last appointment, musical accompaniment is entrusted to “Vasco da Pratolino”.

During the trade fair you can also see markets related to the subject matter. In the banquets there are farms of the territory with products at km 0. There are not only chestnuts but also honey, apples, saffron and much more. Wine tasting of Mugello wineries is also possible.

On Sunday, October 15th, everything was sold out amongchestnuts and traditional donuts. For these, even four-digit numbers have been reached. Very beloved, both grand and children, is the “Rosina”, born of the creativity of the Alpine of San Piero a Sieve. This is a brazier, boasting thirty years of honored career, which is burning with continuous rotation.

The slogan of the chestnut festivan in San Piero a Sieve is “The chestnut festival … two steps from your home”. It worked because it had a great affluence from Florence, Prato and all over Mugello.

Many visitors on past Sundays have decided to have lunch at the Area Feste thanks to the favorable climate. Here are some restaurants where you can eat at modest prices.

What are you waiting for? Go yourself to the last meeting of the Chestnut festival in San Piero a Sieve.

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