Mugello Circuit

Moto GP - Grand Prix of Italy Oakley 2018: 1/2/3 JUNE

The Mugello Circuit was designed and built in the 1970s at the initiative of the Automobile Club in Florence. It was inaugurated in 1974. Mugello has always been a land of engines, before the construction of the Mugello Circuit, there were car races on the Mugello Road Circuit.

What is it

The Autodromo del Mugello is an Italian car and motorcycle circuit located in the hills of Mugello, precisely in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero. The circuit is distinguished for maximum safety for drivers and for the public. In fact, it is composed of large escape routes, secondary roads for rescue vehicles so that they can move freely throughout the perimeter of the track. During the year there are numerous events, from the free test of motorbikes and cars, to motorcycle rallies, to the Mugello GP Run, to private events. The most important race, however, is the Grand Prix of Italy (generally in early June).

Although the circuit does not host Formula 1 races, it is used very often for tests by Ferrari and other teams. In 1977 and 2007 it was the arrival of two editions of the Giro d’Italia.

The Mugello Circuit won in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001 the award as the world’s best motorcycling circuit.

Where is it

Address: Via Senni, 15 - Scarperia and San Piero (Florence)
Address: Via Senni, 15 – Scarperia and San Piero (Florence)

The Autodromo del Mugello is located in Tuscany, precisely in Mugello, a land rich in history, culture and engines. The Circuit is located just 30 km from Florence, the capital of Tuscany, precisely in the municipality of Scarperia and San Piero, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. His fame, as well as for the Autodromo del Mugello, is due to the processing of knives.

The entrance to the International Circuit of Mugello is located just 1.5 km from Scarperia.
The circuit is located just 1.5 km from the center of Scarperia and only 32 km from Florence.

How to get

Reaching the Mugello Circuit is very simple, especially thanks to its easy connection. It is possible to reach it by plane, by train, but also by motorbike, car and camper. Click here to read more information.

Description Track and Circuit

The track of the Mugello circuit develop to 5,245 meters, difference in height about 50 m, straight road 1 km uphill  and 15 curves:

  1. San Donato
  2. Luco
  3. Poggio Secco
  4. Materassi
  5. Borgo San Lorenzo
  6. Casanova Savelli 1
  7. Casanova Savelli 2
  8. Arrabbiata 1
  9. Arrabbiata 2
  10. Scarperia
  11. Palagio
  12. Correntaio
  13. Biondetti 1
  14. Biondetti 2
  15. Bucine

The Circuit also has 20 boxes, that allowing pilots and their staff to work quietly, 3 paddocks and finally a management building with all the facilities.

Spectators can attend and watch the races both from the tribunes and the lawns that form real natura tribunes. Since 2012 there has been realize a tribune (Tribune Arrabbiata) in honor of Simoncelli on which there is a large 58. In 2011 was inaugurated the new indoor central grandstand.


The main entrance of the Circuit stands out for the great red helmet (inaugurated in 2007) which houses the ticket office. There are also other entrances that are used during the Grand Prix of Italy.

  • Luco entrance
  • Paddock entrance
  • Arrabbiata entrance
  • Scarperia entrance
  • Palagio entrance

Disabled access

The Mugello Circuit is accessible to disabled people. Those with a disability of between 34% and 73% can access the circuit by purchasing the reduced ticket. People with a disability of more than 74% can have free access to the circuit with the helper.

You can also book a service that allows you to easily access two dedicated areas to see the races: Central Tribune and Tribune Materassi.

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