Palazzuolo sul Senio

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Palazzuolo sul Senio, located 400 meters above sea level,  is a small town located on the Apennine’s Romagna side. It is therefore part of those three municipalities of Mugello belonging to the Romagna Toscana.

Precisely because in ancient times it was easier to have relations with Imola or Faenza, since the Passo della Colla road had not yet been built that allowed Florence to reach directly, citizens developed the accent of Romagna It is a village full of history and charm. Another great feature is the hospitality of people.

Early settlements date back to ancient times, as is shown by the archaeological finds found in these lands. Palazzuolo on the Senio begins to play an important role during the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages Palazzuolo was the fief  of the Ubaldini family and built many castles.

In the thirteenth century the Pagani family emerged but with the death of Maghinardo the fief returned to the Ubaldini. The most important figure of this family was Marzia degli Ubaldini, called Cia. It is assumed that the figure on the coat of arms of the Municipality of Palazzuolo is her. In 1362 Palazzuolo passed under the control of the Florentine Republic. All the castles were destroyed and the with the stones the churches were expanded . Palazzuolo on the Senio is the ideal place for those who love trekking, mountain biking, horseback riding and nature.

On Palazzuolo sul Senio was built the Museum of Mountain Peoples, just to make it understand and remind tourists and locals of the origins of this country. In fact, it is a people who have always worked in the fields.

In addition, since 1991 Palazzuolo sul Senio has been declared “Ideal Village of Italy“, because here is nice to live.


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