On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 September 2017, the eighth edition of “Eurocasta 2017” will be held in Marradi (Florence). It is a real international summit on chestnut, a typical product of the Mugello region and Southern Europe. The event is organized by the Areflh (Assemblée des Régions d’Europe Fruitières, Légumières et Horticoles)and will take place at the Teatro degli Animosi.

Numerous experts from the sector will be present at Eurocasta, both at Italian and European level. During the two days the following topics will be dealt with:

  • Phytosanitary problem
  • Business issues
  • Industrial and handicraft transformation
  • Chestnut nutrition and nutraceutical value
  • Research and Innovation on Chestnut in Europe.

On the first day (September 14), the White Paper on  chestnut-growing will be presented by the Association Areflh. During the event, traditional high tech tecnique visits in traditional chestnuts to Alto Mugello, to the Ortofrutticola del Mugello establishment, to Centro di Studio and Documentazione sul Castagno, to Parcelle Sperimentali del Germoplasma Castanicolo, to Sentiero della Biodiversità nel Castagneto.


Eurocasta is definitely a great opportunity for the country of Marradi who has always tried to valorize and protect this magnificent product. He also paid great attention to the recovery and protection of secular chestnuts. It is no coincidence that Marradi is the land of the  Good Chestnut and strong point of IGP of Mugello. Marradi is therefore the symbol of the production of chestnuts. Some documents have shown that chestnut existed already in the early years of the Middle Ages. This product has fed mountain people for centuries, so to be nicknamed the bread tree. Family activities revolved around chestnut care. Their nutrition consisted of chestnut polenta, ballotte and sweet pancakes. Unfortunately, however, with the arrival of industrialization and the consequent abandonment of campaigns, this type of activity faces a period of crisis. In 2005, the Nonprofit Association “Strada del Marrone del Mugello di Marradi” was founded with the aim of encouraging and enhancing the production of chestnuts in every respect. Every year in October Marradi celebrates the “Sagra delle castagne” (this year will celebrate the 53th anniversary). Some of the typical products presented at the festival are the following: chestnut tortelli, chestnuts cake, chestnuts jam,  marron glacé, roast chestnut and many other delights.

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