During the week the traditional outdoor markets are held in Mugello, which offer not only food work table with fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats from nearby hills, but also clothes and household items. You can find items and food at all prices and enjoy convenient deals. Markets take place in the following days and municipalities:

  • Firenzuola (Porta Fiorentina): all day
  • Marradi (Via Talenti): morning
  • Borgo San Lorenzo (Piazzale Curtanone and Montanara, Via del Canto, Piazza del Mercato): morning
  • Vicchio (Piazza 6 Marzo): morning
  • Scarperia (Historic Center): morning
  • Borgo San Lorenzo (Viale della Resistenza at the Park of Misericordia): afternoon
  • Barberino di Mugello (Piazza Cavour): morning
  • Dicomano (Republic Square): morning
  • Palazzuolo on the Senio (Piazza IV Novembre): morning
  • San Piero a Sieve (Via Provinciale): afternoon
  • Montecarelli (Via delle Voltate parking area): morning