Transparency, freshness and purity. These are the characteristics that make one immediately think of water. Mugello has a very important natural mineral water source known all over the world: Acqua Panna.


Acqua Panna takes its name from the Renaissance Medici Villa Panna, belonging to the Medici family. Today the villa is part of a natural reserve of 1300 hectares and was the original site of the establishments of Acqua Panna. In ancient times the only road that connected Italy from north to south passed near the source, giving a moment of refreshment to travelers. Around the year 1500 people discovered that some discovered that the pipelines connected the source to the Villa of the Medici family.  For the first time, in 1860, natural mineral water was bottled by hand, sold in demijohns and brought to Florence on a cart. At the end of the First World War industrial production began.


source acqua pannaThe source of Acqua Panna is located in the Municipality of Scarperia (since 2014 Scarperia and San Piero), precisely in the hamlet of Panna. It is located 900 meters above sea level between the Passo della Futa and Monte Gazzano.

The water takes 13 years to cross the aquifer and reach the surface of the source. Flows at a temperature that varies between 7 and 12 ° C. The change of seasons does not influence the temperature. The aquifer is very deep and free of infiltrations and for this reason, in case of heavy rain, the chemical parameters of the water do not change.

The source is constantly protected from unwanted access. The properties of the water are kept unaltered thanks to the monitoring system.

The source is recharged naturally without any help from man.


Acqua Panna is characterized by a balanced content of mineral salts and a low sodium content giving the water a refined taste appreciated by all palates. The water does not undergo any kind of treatment and it is filtered when it is bottled directly from the source.

It is a perfectly balanced water, light and with a slightly tonic taste. To guarantee the purity of the water, very high quality standards have been established.


The design of the bottle is very elegant and minimalist right to convey the three characteristics of water: transparent, fresh and pure. Initially the labels possessed the image of the source. Nowadays they present the lily of Florence and under the written Acqua Panna there is the word Toscana to indicate to all the consumers of the world the origin of the water. The addition of this wording has increased sales by 14% making the natural mineral water of Mugello the world’s leading source.

old label acqua panna    label acqua panna

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