VKA vodka made in Tuscany that has managed to conquer the fans of this wonderful distillate.

Since 2013 is on the Italian market, and not only, VKA vodka produced by organic farming, the first to be made in Tuscany.

VKA Vodka bio has a great versatility capable of creating drinks for any occasion, without limiting imagination.

The creator of this magnificent product of Mugello, which at first seemed almost a gamble challenging the world’s colossus such as Russia, is Luca Pecorini, represented by Futa srl.

The VKA headquarters are located at Villa San Giusto in Fortuna, in the municipality of San Piero a Sieve.


VKA is made exclusively with local products: the Tuscan organic soft wheat of certified provenance and the water of the Mugello Apennines, especially from Lake of Bilancino.

VKA is a vodka filtered and distilled with care, just to improve and not compromise the essence of the perfumes that distinguish it and make it unique.

It has a 40 ° alcohol content with a fresh and slightly fruity aftertaste.



VKA Vodka biologica

The bottle of VKA, besides being a design object, thanks to the elegance due to its transparency and minimalist logo, also has a zero impact from the ecological point of view.

The bottle is made of transparent glass and the stopper is also made of the same material. The only plastic part is thestopper gasket, which can however be easily removed.

The packaging of the bottle is instead made of recycled paper, wheat and environmentally friendly glues.





The label that wraps the bottle is very cryptic. In fact, if you place the bottle horizontally, the letters V and A become a reference to the man and woman genomes. The K instead assumes the appearance of a horizontal line that represents the earth, with at the center two needles of the weight scale, perfectly centered between earth, man and woman. The wheat kernel represents mother nature.