Parish church of San Lorenzo

parish church of San LorenzoThe Parish church of San Lorenzo is the main place of worship of Borgo San Lorenzo. It is the largest Romanesque building in the Florentine countryside and the largest of Mugello.

The present construction dates back to the XII-XIII century but it has been very modified at different times: after the earthquake of 1542, in 1814 (when the ceiling was painted with drawers, enlarged windows and raised floor) and after the earthquake of 1919. In 1937 the timber ceiling truss , the Romanesque columns, and all the wall structures on the left flank and the apse were restored. After the construction the adjoining building of the monastery of St. Catherine, the San Lorenzo pieve was enriched with lateral altars and a new baptismal font.

Inside, a basilic plant, have three naves, and on the left side there are imposing monolithic columns with stone arches, while on the right side of pillars (with the exception of two surviving columns) with brick arches. The left nave and the central nave are covered with trussed beams, while that of the right nave covered with staggered vaults with respect to the arches.

On the four salient facade, heavily restored after the earthquake of 1919, three portals and three small windows and on the bezel overlooking the central portal there is a terracotta bust of St. Lawrence of the fifteenth century.

It has a semicircular apse. On it is built an irregular hexagonal brick bell tower dated 1263 (as evidenced by an incision on the mullioned window). It is spread over five floors with single-lancet window and mullioned window . It has 6 bells. It is built on five floors with monofore and bifore.

Parish church of San Lorenzo

In the apse there are paintings that were made by Galileo Chini in 1906. The side altars and pillars are decorated with works, some of them original. Very important is the Madonna and Child on the table attributed to Giotto, placed in the presbytery. This is his youthful work, the only one existing in the artist’s birthplace.

The following works have recently been placed against the Madonna with Child and the saints Giovanni Baptist and Thomas attributed to the young Piero of Cosimo (from the Sanctuary of the Most Holy Crucifix of Miracles) and Pentecost by Jacopo Vignali.

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