Mountain paths CAI Mugello: Monte Senario

Monte Senario belongs to one of the sectors of the mountain paths CAI Mugello and allows you to admire the convent of Monte Senario, located in the municipality of Vaglia, and the surrounding nature.

Monte Senario is located about 800 meters above sea level and belongs to the order of the Servants of Mary. The first convent was built in 1241 on the ruins of a castle. From the convent you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Mugello countryside.


  • Path 00: From Tagliaferro to Monte Senario and to Vetta Le Croci- Valico Alberaccio

This is a ridge route that starts from the Torrente Carza valley on the SS 65 Futa, between Vaglia and San Piero a Sieve. The path does not present great difficulties and has a splendid panorama. It ends at the pass of Vetta Le Croci on Via Faentina.

Length: 8.8 km
Duration: 5 hours
Difference in height: 500 m uphill and 300 m downhill

Path 00 intersects with the main ring SO.F.T. Mugello from Tagliaferro to the convent of Monte Senario.

  • Path 1: Polcanto- C.Ferrucci-Monte Senario

This is the fastest route to climb Monte Senario from the Mugello side.

Description path: from Polcanto (386 m) take the road on the left for Vaglia. After about 1km / 1km and a half, turn left into the chestnut groves. Take the mule track to the left avoiding the nearby streets. A little further on, leave two paths to the left, and after a short variation leave the trail that joins in itinerary 21 to turn left. Climb through the woods to the dirt path not very visible in the first part. Later it widens. Cross a path that descends, and after a few meters, exit in corrispondence to a pass, on the road followed by the itinerary 00, about 50 meters from the Monte Senario parking lot. Take the path on the left to get to the Sanctuary of Monte Senario.

Length: 0.9 km
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 429 m

Path 1 crosses with the main ring SO.F.T. Mugello near Monte Senario

  • Path 2: Polcanto-Monte Senario (Via est)

Description path: From Polcanto, on via Faentina, take the road to Vaglia on the left. After about 400 meters you reach the cemetery of Polcanto. Cross the road and pass a fenced area. Then take a path that goes into the chestnut woods.
Then take the first fork to the right. Just above it, there are three variations. At the third variant take the right branch and leave it to enter right into the chestnut grove. The trail continues up to the old mule track that climbs to the ridge and comes off the itinerary 2 / P. Climb to the right, pass a repeater, and continue on the path. Once you arrive at the convent, leave the route 2 / P on the right and go down to the old access road to the convent of Monte Senario.

Length: 2.3 km
Duration: 4 hours and 40 minutes
Difference in height: 540 m

  • Path 2P: Ring of Monte Senario

Description path: From the road that leads from Casa al Vento to Bivigliano, near the locality Fornace, go up on the right the asphalted stretch that reaches the Catena clearing. Here it is where other roads branch off. Take the forest road to the right and after crossing a section of fir forest you reach the old glacier of the convent of Monte Senario. Then continue the path leaving the path that goes down to the right to C. Citerne. Drive along a wide clearing to the right. Discard two more secondary paths and descend into a valley and then climb back up north along the eastern side of the mountain. Arrived at a curve, on the left, you will join the itinerary 2 that arrives from Polcanto. Go right over a repeater and turn west along the panoramic ridge. After about 1 km, leave the itinerary 2 which turns left and take the path on the right. At this point, if you want to go up to the convent, you can go through a gate and go through the Cappella Savalti. The path of the path 2P continues to the right near the caves of S. Filippo Benizi and S. Alessio Falconieri. Exit on the main road. To get back to Catena, follow the old road.

Length: 3 km
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 150 m downhill and uphill

  • Path 14: (Firenze) La Querciola – P. Capanne – M. Senario

Descripron path: Follow the Faentina state road from Florence to Ponte della Badia and La Querciola (218 m).
Just beyond La Querciola, from where the trail begins, turn left into Via Campilungo. Once left on left on Via Spedaluzzo and ignore a small road on the right, cross the Mugnone and go up a small dirt road, with two wide bends at the Mugnone stream and the Scalacce ditch.
After passing Villa Campilungo, a large eighteenth-century villa appears on the left. The path 14 passes next to an old farmhouse and to the oratory of S. Francesco. On the right you can see the Olmo tower in the distance. After passing a house, turn left on the Capacci villa and exit on the Olmo-Pratolino road (498 m). After about 10 meters cross the asphalt road to the right and take the dirt path. Immediately leave the latter and turn left into the woods on an unmarked path that crosses a small basin covered by dense shrubs. After about 100 meters exit on another road that has some houses on the left. Arrived at a large chestnut tree, overlook a small road on the right and then another on the left. A little to the south of Poggio Capanne (602 m) take the Route 00. Circuming P. Capanne (right), at a crossroads turn left and make a sharp right-angle (watch out here, for those who make the reverse itinerary). Continue on the ridge. Reached the road to Monte Senrario where there is the iron cross dedicated to S. Giovanni Gualberto.
On your right, drive along Villa Rialto with its park. Once you reach 3 km from the Villa Capacci, at the border wall of Villa Demidoff, go down to the left for Via di S. Jacopo. Go to the small church of S. Jacopo in Festigliano. Leave Via delle Serre on the right. Continue to go down and pass near the villa of Pozzarello and some farmhouses. Then you get to the church of Sant’Andrea in Sveglia. At this point turn left into Via del Spedaluzzo.
Passing under a historic building called the Massetino and passing the Mugnone, return to the initial section of the itinerary.

Length: 3.9 km
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 600 m downhill

  • Path 18: Bivio di Paterno – M. Senario

Description path: From the SS Futa, a few hundred meters before the Paterno junction, turn right onto a municipal road which, after passing the Carza Torrent, (300 m) rises slightly along the Robbio Torrent. Overlook a first road to the right. Once you have passed the stream, leave the road previously taken. Take a path on the left, easily recognizable because it has been blocked. After passing a tabernacle, you reach the houses of Sommavilla (422 m) and an eighteenth-century church. Above the church there is a fork in the road. At this point, take a right. To overlook the right branch at a crossroads and exit on a wide road. From here, if you continue to the right, you can reach Villa del Sorbo (493 m). The path 18 instead continues to the left. In this way you reach the Vaglia-Bivigliano road (527 m). Go straight into the woods following the fence of a caravan depot. Once you reach the end of the fence, turn left. Leave the path and turn right taking a smaller path that ends in a flat area. Once you reach a fork (605 m), take the right one. When you reach the houses of Corte Chiarese, go left. Make a small descent to the right. At this point, instead of continuing towards the houses of Bivigliano, go up to the left of the wood. The trail will exit at “Giogo di Monte Senario” (757 m) near a repeater. Continuing on the right you arrive in a short time at Santuario di Monte Senario (815 m).

Length: 4.5 km
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 550 m downhill


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