Mountain paths CAI Mugello: Monte Morello

Among the sections of CAI Mugello paths there is also the one belonging to the Monte Morello ring. This mountain is located northwest of Florence, the capital of the Tuscany region, and is divided between the municipalities of Sesto Fiorentino, Calenzano and Vaglia (the latter located in Mugello).
Monte Morello presents a great landscape and environmental interest due to its position, its forest heritage, its water resources, its historical and artistic heritage. For all these reasons, Monte Morello is one of the protected areas of the region.

Mountain paths CAI Mugello

  • Path 1: Polcanto- C. Ferrucci – M. Senario

Description path: From Polcanto (386 m), leaving Via Faentina (S.S. 302), take the road on the left for Vaglia. Leave on the left the beginnings of the Itineraries 2 (from the cemetery) and 1 / P (from C. Bartolacci) and, after about 1km and a half, at C. Ferrucci (552 m) you enter the chestnut groves on the left.
You take the wide mule track that goes up more to the left, avoiding the others. A little further on, you leave two paths on the left and, after a short variation that is rejoined to the main mule-track, you leave the latter (which enters the itinerary 21) to deviate sharply to the left, climbing in the woods to another ancient mule track, not very evident at the beginning. Avoid two other paths that come off to the left, you climb still in the woods. After passing a last path that descends, also on the left (be careful here for those who make the downhill path), you exit after a few meters, at a saddle (771 m), on the road followed by the IT. 00, at a distance of about 50m from the gate and parking at the last bend of the road to the Sanctuary. Turning left, you are shortly to the Sanctuary of M. Senario (815 m).

Length: 0.9 km
Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Difference in height: 440 m uphill

The path crosses with the main ring SO.F.T. Mugello near the convent of Monte Senario

  • Path 2: Polcanto- M. Senario (via Est)

Description path: From the high road that goes from Casa al Vento to Bivigliano, near the locality Fornace (688 m), go up the short asphalt section to the right leading to the “Catena” (707 m), where the ancient road access to the convent, the asphalt road that goes to the parking lot and to the main entrance (on the left) and two forest roads (on the right).
Take the forest road that starts more to the right and you get to the old convent ice house. Continue to altitude, avoiding the path that goes down to the right to C. Citerne and runs along the right a large clearing. Neglecting other two minor slopes, the first one that climbs steeply into the woods and the second, wider, direct downstream, you descend into a small valley and then climb again, always among the woods, turning north along the eastern slope of the mountain. At a sharp curve to the left, the itinerary 2 rises from Polcanto.
On route now combined with itinerary 2, you pass a repeater to the right, continuing to the west. After about 1 km, you leave the Itinerary 2, which goes down to the left on the old road leading to the convent, and turn right onto a small path that immediately flows into a wide mule track on which you continue to the left. A little further on, from a small gate on the left, you can go straight to the convent, passing by the Cappella Salviati. The itinerary continues to the right, in the woods, touching the caves of S. Filippo Benizi and S. Alessio Falconieri and exiting on the main avenue (815 m). After visiting the convent, following the old road back to the clearing of the “Catena”.

Length: 2.3 km
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 450 m uphill

The path crosses with the main ring SO.F.T. Mugello from Polcanto to the convent of Monte Senario.



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