Bruscoli Ethnographic History Museum

Bruscoli Ethnographic History MuseumThe Bruscoli Ethnographic History Museum is located within the former elementary school of Bruscoli, a village in Firenzuola. It was born with the aim of making to local people and tourists acquainted with the historical roots of the place.

The museum is divided into three sections, made up of finds, documents and plastic reconstructions.

  1. Archaeological-historical section

In this section you will find geo-archaeological finds found in the countryside and ruins of the medieval castle of Conti Alberti in Bruscoli. There are specimens of rocks, minerals and fossil organisms in the Tosco-Romagna Apennines. There is an archaeological exposition dating from prehistoric times to the Renaissance and has the aim of making it clear to the tourist  the various phases of the territory, from geological birth to recent historical events. A section dedicated to the Castle of Bruscoli was also built.

  1. Local Ethnographic Section

This part hosts tools and utensils used in the past by peasant civilization, such as wagons, plows, small objects of everyday life and religious culture. To better understand the culture is exposed of photographic and ethnographic material.

  1. Gothic Line Section

The Gothic Line, which crosses the Tosco-Romagna Apennines, was built by the Germanic army in 1944 to prevent the advance to north of the allies. In the museum are exposed the remains of this period relating to the Gothic Line.


  • Holidays: 15:00 -18.30
  • August (every day): 15: 00-19: 00


Entrance to the Entografico Historical Museum is free.

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