Museum Casa d’Erci

museo casa d'erciThe Museum Casa D’Erci  is located in Grezzano, a fraction of Borgo San Lorenzo. The idea of building a museum entirely dedicated to peasant life was born in 1976 after the organization of a small exhibition of agricultural tools at Luco di Mugello. Thus in 1978 the D’Erci group (volunteer association) was formed with the aim of collecting and storing documents of peasant life. The Museum Casa d’Erci is built in several buildings:

  • The house: this structure is divided into several rooms. It is possible to see the playroom and laundry room, the kitchen, the stable, the cellar, the handicraft room, the threshing room, the plants and crop rooms, the barn, the room of the chassis, the room , the room of religion and school.
  • The Laboratory: consisting of two rooms provided with everything you need for bread and other manual activities, videoconferences, meetings, conferences and exhibitions.
  • The Old Ovile: In the Old Ovile there are two sections that tell about the production of coal and brace.
  • The Sawmill: Under the shed on the back of the farmhouse there are tools that tell about wood craft related activities.
  • The Crusher: Under the canopy you will find the crusher, the farm carts and the animal transport vehicles used by the sharecroppers of Mugello. The shed has been rebuilt according to traditional features.
  • The Path: House of Erci offers a path about 1 km and a half where you can see 130 different types of vegetation plants of the Tosco-Romagna Apennines. Varieties of cereals, legumes and various vegetables are grown in the Erci field. There are also pony and poultry. During the walk you can see the reconstructions of the wood processing stages, a  charcoal-burners hut and the coal.

Since 2002 linked to the Museum Casa D’Erci there is the Faini Mill. Here is documented the history of milling.


  • October-March: 14: 30-18: 00 Sundays and other festivitys
  • April-September: 15: 00-19: 00 Sundays and other festivitys
  • June-September: 15: 00-19: 00 Saturday

During the week at the Museum Casa d’Erci, for groups and school, workshops and reservations on RESERVATION with schedules to be agreed upon.


  • Full ticket: 3 €
  • Reduced ticket from 6 to 18 years: 2 €
  • Free of charge: children up to 6 years old, disabled and accompanying
Naturalistic path
  • 2 € on reservation (minimum 10 people)
Library and archive consultation
  • Free with reservation at 333 6683897

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