Clock tower

Walls of Borgo San Lorenzo

In 1351 the walls of Borgo San Lorenzo was built to protect the country from enemy attacks, especially by the Visconti of Milan and the Ghibellini. Within the walls there was a road network that cut longitudinally Borgo San Lorenzo. Piazza dell’Orivolo, now known as Piazza Cavour, was at the meeting point of the streets. The main ones were: Florence-Marradi and San Piero-Vicchio. The walls were equipped with doors including the Clock Tower of Borgo San Lorenzo.

Clock tower of Borgo San Lorenzo

The Clock tower of Borgo San Lorenzo was probably part of the fortifications to defend the ancient castle, even before the 14th-century walls were built. Here was the first public watch, as can be witnessed by a 1503 plant, kept at the monastery of Santa Caterina.

The mechanical device of the clock of the Clock Tower of Borgo San Lorenzo is functional and has been subject to regular maintenance over the centuries. In the early 18th century, Mannucci reports that the tower has a height of about 40 arms with a bell and a two-sided clock, once east, and the other to the west.

The wall structure was restored several times, especially in the nineteenth century, when the arch under the tower is enlarged as part of a rectification of the main course of the country. The earthquake of 1919 causes considerable damage, as attested by an expert on the town engineer of September 27, 1929. The last two floors of the building present deep and widespread injuries. It is therefore considered desirable to demolish those masonry to reconstruct them. But the Civil Genius reduces the amount of expenditure previously determined and the assignment is deserted. In 1939, the term imposed by the Ministry expired without the work being done.

Further damage caused by the war (at the top of the tower is collocated an anti-aircraft artillery ) requires in the early 1950s an intervention for the completion of the crown and the restoration of the plaster. A complete restoration took place in 1983-1984 when the bell and the clock were cleaned, was made a new plastering, the replacement of the showers, and the placement of gratings in the windows.

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