Where to eat in San Piero a Sieve

Where to eat in San Piero a Sieve? Here is a list of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent traditional cuisine during your vacation.

  • Ristoro Cacio e Pepe

Ristoro Cacio e Pepe offers traditional Tuscan and Florentine cuisine, a sandwich shop menu. All accompanied by good wine or good beer.

Address: Via Provinciale, 5 A
Cell. 366 712 0968

  • Osteria di San Piero

Osteria di San Piero offers its guests a cuisine of Tuscan and Florentine tradition, always following the seasonal offer and the territory. The Osteria is one of Mugello’s historic venues.

Address: P. Cambray Digni, 6
Phone. 055 8487109
Email: info@osteriadisanpiero.it
Website: http://www.osteriadisanpiero.it/

  • I Regolo

I Regolo is a restaurant that offers traditional recipes. A good baked pizza oven is also prepared (also Kamut dough). Regolo is part of the AIC (Italian Celiac Association).

Address: Via Calimara 4 / a
Email: info@i-regolo.it
Phone. 055-8498240
Website: http://www.i-regolo.it/

  • La Bisboccina

La Bisboccina Restaurant offers a varied menu of both meat and fish as well as baked pizza in wood. It is part of the AIC (Italian Celiac Association).

Address: Via Provinciale 38
Phone. 0558486950

  • Garden Café

Garden Café is a modern style restaurant offering the chance to have aperitifs, brunches, lunches and dinners. The menu is characterized by Italian and international cuisine.

Address: Via Le Mozzete, 1/b
Tel. 055 8498336
Email: gardencaffe16@gmail.com
Website: http://www.gardencaffe.it/

  • Ristorante Icchè c’è c’è

Ristorante icchè c’è c’è offers also a great menu of fish.

Address: Piazza Colonna, 21
Phone. 055 848112

  • Torre Ristorante et Bottega

Torre Ristorante et Bottega offers traditional cuisine in the Tuscan area and pizza cooked in a wood oven.

Address: Sp. 551, Loc. La Torre
Phone 055 8402240
Email: latorresrl12@gmail.com
Website: http://www.latorreosteria.it/

  • Osteria Il Bocconcino

The family-run Osteria il Bocconcino offers a menu based on typical Tuscan dishes. The dishes are prepared with seasonal produce. The first dishes are all made from homemade fresh pasta. They offer gluten-free dishes.

Address: Via Casenuove, 34 – Loc. Taiuti
Phone. 055 84 98 684
E-mail: info@osteriailbocconcino.com
Site: http://www.osteriailbocconcino.com/

  • Al Ristorante Da Baffo

Al Ristorante Da Baffo you can enjoy Mugello tortelli, Florentine steak and other exquisite proposals related to the tradition of the area . At dinner you can also choose pizza.

Address: Via Provinciale 19/A
Phone 055 848 6781
Email: info@dabaffo.it
Website: https://www.dabaffo.it/

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