Where to eat in Borgo San Lorenzo

Where to eat in Borgo San Lorenzo? Here is a list of the best restaurants where you can enjoy the excellent traditional cuisine during your vacation.

  • Magn’Etico Osteria Bio & Veg

Magn’Etico Osteria Bio & Veg offers vegetarian and organic vegan cooking.

Address: Via Pananti, 43
Tel. 055 0511270
Cell.328 6268175
Mail: osteriamagnetico@gmail.com
Website: http://www.osteriamagnetico.it/

  • Ristorante Du-ca

Ristorante Du-Ca offers first homemade dishes, fresh pasta and Florentine steak. In addition, pizzas are prepared with ground stone flour and cooked in a wood oven. Also takeaway service.

Address: Via Giotto, 2
Email: info@ristorantedu-ca.it
Tel: 055 8456733 – 333 2440770
Website: http://www.ristorantedu-ca.it/

  • Degusteria da Angelo

Degusteria da Angelo proposes a menu of fish.

Address: Via Generale Guglielmo Pecori Giraldi 24
Tel. 055 845 6212

  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Griglia

Restaurant Pizzeria La Griglia offers a varied menu of both fish and meat, including tradition. It also offers its customers a pizza cooked in a wood oven.

Address: Viale IV Novembre, 91
Phone: 0558458527
Email: restaurantpizzerialagriglia@gmail.com
Website: https://www.ristorantepesce-mugello.com/

  • La Pentolaccia Restaurant

Pentolaccia offers typical Tuscan cuisine, tortelli, homemade ravioli and a wide selection of wines.

Address: Via Belvedere, 23 – Sagginale – Borgo San Lorenzo Restaurant
Cell: 339 7717612
Phone: 055 8458590
Email: info@lapentolaccia.net
Website: https://www.lapentolaccia.net/

  • Pizzeria i Cantuccio

Pizzeria i Cantuccio offers first dishes and unique dishes of land and sea as well as an excellent pizza cooked in old wood-burning oven.

Address: Via Angelo Gatti, 3 / b 50032 Ronta – Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 8495710
Website: http://www.icantuccio.it/

  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Bottega

Ristorante Pizzeria La Bottega offers typical dishes of traditional and typical local cuisine as well as pizza cooked in the wood oven.

Address: Via Grezzano, 25 – Grezzano – Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 8492526
Cell 338.6531922
Email: info@ristorantelabottega.com
Website: http://www.ristorantelabottega.com/

  • Pizzeria Bar Sophia

Pizzeria Bar Sophia offers a natural pizza and cooked in a wood oven.

Address: Via Casuccia, 13 – 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. +39 0558409123
Email: pizzeria.sophia@gmail.com
Website: https://www.pizzeriabarsophia.it/home

  • Villa Aurora

Inside Villa Aurora there is a graceful restaurant offering typical dishes of the Tuscan tradition, especially of the Mugello tradition . The restaurant is part of the AIC (National Celiac Disease Association).

Address: Loc. Ferracciano, 11 – Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 840 22 27
Email: info@villaauroramugello.com
Website: http://www.villaauroramugello.com/ristorante.html

  • Pizzeria I Corbezzolo

Pizzeria I’ Corbezzolo offers a great pizza, even without gluten. The menu also offers traditional dishes.

Address: Via Pietro Caiani, 7 – Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 840 2197

  • L’O di Giotto

In the Hotel Ripaverde we find the L’O di Giotto restaurant. It is one of the most appreciated places of high gastronomy in Mugello. The chef offers original Tuscan dishes of the Tuscan tradition. The menu is always attentive to the seasonality and quality of the products.

Address: Viale Giovanni XXIII, 36
Tel. 0039 0558496003
Email: info@ripaverde.it
Website: http://www.ripaverde.it

  • Gli Artisti Ristorante

Gli Artisti Ristorante is located in the historic center of Borgo San Lorenzo. It has been serving tuscan cuisine for more than 100 years, all revisited in modern style. It also has an excellent cellar with more than 150 labels.

Address: Piazza Angelo Romagnoli 1
Tel 055 845 7707
Cell 327 7366777
Email: info@liartistiristorante.com
Website: http://www.gliartistiristorante.it/

  • Gran Disio

Restaurant Gran Disio offers typical Mugello cuisine.

Address: Viale Fratelli Kennedy, 23
Tel. 055 8455021
Email: grandisiobistrot@gmail.com

  • Osteria Tirabaralla

The family-run Osteria Tirabaralla is characterized by its Tuscan cuisine. It also prepares excellent sandwiches for a quick lunch. Also specialized in vegetarian cuisine.

Address: Viale IV Novembre 16/20 Borgo San Lorenzo
Tel. 055 845 9055
Cell. 3356281302
Email: tirabaralla@tiscali.it

  • Osteria del Galletto

Osteria del Galletto offers Mugello and Tuscan cuisine. The home’s specialties are the Mugello tortellini, the Florentine steak, the tripe, the lampredotto. In the evenings it also offers pizza.

Address: Viale Europa Unita, 5
Tel. 0558402262
Cell. 3271377343

  • Bar Pizzeria Valeri

Bar Pizzeria Valeri offers typical Tuscan cuisine and a great pizza. Florentine steak on request. In addition, the bar is always open, even for fast lunches.

Address: Via Giovanni Traversi 95 – Lucca di Mugello – Borgo San Lorenzo
Email: pizzeriavaleri@inwind.it
Tel. 055 840 1776

  • Passaguai

Passaguai, located in the center of Borgo San Lorenzo, offers dishes inspired by the region and the season, as well as a wide selection of wines.

Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 2
Tel: +39 055 8402137
Email: info@passaguaiborgo.it
Website: http://www.passaguaiborgo.it/

  • Locanda della Colla

Locanda della Colla is a refreshment point for tourists, hikers and bikers. Offers a cuisine of the territory with products strictly of Tuscany.

Address: Via Faentina 69
Tel. +39 055 84 05 013
Email: info@locandadellacolla.it
Website: http://www.locandadellacolla.it/index.html 

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