Refuges and bivouacs in Mugello

There are numerous the refuges and bivouacs in Mugello that allow nature lovers and those who are trekking to stay or rest. We discover together the refuges and bivouacs in Mugello.

Refuges in Mugello

The refuge is the perfect place to live a holiday full of nature. In Mugello we can find the following shelters along hiking trails.

  • Rifugio Badia di Moscheta

The Badia Moscheta refuge has 22 beds with independent services. It is located within the ancient Vallumbrosan Badia. Here we can find the Apennine Landscape Museum, Agriturismo Badia di Moscheta and a horse riding facility.


Phone: 055 8144015 – 335 7716340

  • Rifugio Cannova

Cannova Refuge is located near the Passo della Sambuca and the Rovigo torrent (10 minutes to pedi) The refuge is self-managed and consists of: 6 bedrooms, fitted kitchen, fireplace, bathrooms, outdoor space with fire point.


Phone: 339 7722208


10-15 € per person per night + water, electricity, gas, tourist tax.

Prices vary depending on the period, number of people and stay time. 

  • Rifugio Casa al Giogo

Casa al Giogo refuge is a mountain retreat run by the social enterprise “Le Rifiorenze”. It is self-managed throughout the year and has 25 beds.


Phone: 055 8144173 – 333 8458770


10 € per person per night.

  • Rifugio Casaglia 

Casaglia refuge was built in the former school. It accommodates a maximum of 20 people. In addition to the two large rooms, Rifugio Casaglia has: living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, three bathrooms (one of which is equipped for the disabled).


Phone: 055 667546 – 339 8740786 – 055 8402810


8-25 € per person per night depending on the period.

  • Rifugio Castellonchio

Castellonchio refuge is located along the CAI 38 route and has 40 beds, equipped kitchen, wood-burning oven, fireplace, and bathrooms.


Phone: 055 8459483 – 328 9268944


12 € per person

  • Rifugio Frassineta

Frassineta refuge is located on the path to Casa d’Erci. It offers 20 sleeps 3 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen. There are also 7 pitches where camping is possible.


Phone: 055 8401041


7 € per person

7.50 € (Price with camping tent)

  • Rifugio I Diacci

I Diacci refuge offers 25 beds and private bath for each room. There is also a refreshment service. During the year, events, tastings and trekking are organized.


Phone: 339 7722208 – 055 0763031


  • Overnight stay € 25,00 per person
  • B & B: € 30.00 per person
  • Half board BASE € 45,00 per person (fixed menu: first, second, outline, sweet)
  • Half board SUPER € 50,00 per person (fixed menu: first with tasting of tortelli or ravioli, second, outline, sweet)
  • Half board V.I.P. € 55,00 per person (fixed menu: first with tasting of tortelli or ravioli, second, outline, sweet + A / R shuttle service with the Jeep from the Sambuca square at the Rifugio)
  • Full board € 59,00 per person (children 0-3 years free – children 4-8 years discount of 30% – children 8-12 years discount of 15%)
  • Only Lunch / Dinner from € 15,00 per person
  • Packed lunch from € 8,00 per person
  • Panini from € 3.50
  • Linen service: sheets 7,00 euro; set of 3 towels 3,00 euro.

Temporary camping at Diacci refuge

Overnight stay in tent: adults € 6,00 night, children (4-12 years) € 4,00 night. Also for those staying in a tent you can stay as a B&B / half board / full board.

  • Rifugio La Serra

La Serra refuge is between the Passo della Colla and the Passo del Giogo. It is surrendered to self-management. The shelter is devoid of electricity, so it is advisable to carry gas lamps and electric torches. Also there is no drinking water but just spring water. It has a fully equipped kitchen, sleeps 10 and a shared bathroom.


Phone: 339 7722208


First night: 150 € per group

Next nights: 100 € per night per group

Wood is not included in the price and must be ordered at the time of booking (cost € 22 per quintal). Alternatively you can bring your own home or pick it up for free in the adjacent wood. [

  • Rifugio Valdiccioli

Valdiccioli refuge has 45 beds, equipped kitchen, bathroom, outdoor fire place. There is also a pitch for camping that hosts from 6 to 8 tents. There is a connection for waterand 10 taps for cleaning utensils. The Refuge is ceded to self-management.



10-15 € per person per night + charges for water, light, gas, wood, tourist tax.

Prices change according to the chosen period, length of stay and number of people.

Wood is not included in the price and must be ordered at the time of booking (cost € 22 per quintal). Alternatively you can bring your own home or pick it up for free in the adjacent wood.

Bivouacs in Mugello

The bivouac is an unattended structure that is made available to people who hikers to take refuge or overnight. Along the Mugello Trails we can meet the following bivouacs.

  • Capanna di Marcone

The bivouac Capanna di Marcone is located a few steps from Prato al Alberto and is always open.  Its name comes from that of the bandit Marcone who frequented these places in 1800.

  • Capanna Sicuteri

The bivouac Capanna Sicuteri has been restored due to a fire. It has a fireplace for grilling. The name comes from that of a shepherd family who carried cattle in this place.

  • Castellonchio

The bivouac Castellonchio is located next to the refuge along the CAI 38. It has 6 beds.

  • Ca’ di Cicci

The bivouac Ca ‘di Cicci  is located between the Passo della Sambuca and the Rovigo torrent. Always open.

  • I Diacci

The  I Diacci bivouac is located at the homonym Alpine refuge. There is a refreshment point.

  • I Piani

The bivouac I Piani is always open and is equipped with gas stove, water and bunk beds (does not include blankets).

  • Frassineta

The bivouac Frassineta  is located near the shelter. There is also a tent pitch.

  • Valdiccioli

The bivouac Valdiccioli takes the name by the Alpine Refuge. There is also a spot on the ground for night bivouacs. Close to the bivouac is a tent pitch.  



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