Mountain paths CAI Mugello: Mugello Sud

Also the Mugello Sud has numerous routes that belong to the Mountain paths CAI Mugello. This section groups the municipalities and the wooded areas of the lower Mugello such as Vaglia, Vicchio, Dicomano, San Piero a Sieve.

Discover all the paths that belong to this section.

Mountain paths CAI Mugello

  • Path 3: Polcanto-Monte Giovi

Description path: From the Faentina state road, take the road to Salaiole, just before Polcanto. After almost 800 meters turn right onto a road that runs along a small wood and ends on the road. For a short distance this path overlaps with itinerary 3 / A. Continue right. After riding a saddle, keep left at a fork and go down until you come to a stream. Then go slightly back to the left. On the path you will first find a ruin, then a spring and finally some meadows. Finally you will arrive at the abandoned farmhouse of Monterotondo. At this point turn left and follow the 00 route to Monte Giovi.

Length: 5.3 km
Duration: 4 hours and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 650 meters uphill

The path overlaps with the main ring SO.F.T. for the entire route.

  • Path 3/A: Vetta le Croci – Feriolo – Cercingoli – Montepulico- Itinerary 9

Description path: Cross Vetta Le Croci and go down towards Mugello for about 1.3 km. Follow the paved road on the right that leads to Feriolo. Arrived in a square you can see that two paths start from here. Take the right path, uneven and unpaved. Continue north along the trail and leave another small path on the left after about 1 km. After reaching, on the right, the nineteenth-century villa of Cercingoli, the itinerary continues uphill. After 300 meters leave the trail that continues along the route 3 / B for Monte Ripaghera. Take a path on the left that goes into the chestnut woods. Continue for a hundred meters, avoiding taking paths that descend to the left and to the right. Exit on the paved road. Continue for another kilometer until you reach Montepulico. Once in front of the village church, go down to the right for a dirt road that, after passing a farmhouse, turns right and exits onto the dirt road that comes from S. Ansano. Walk for another hundred meters, approximately, to the left and then turn right. Continue in the woods and once you arrive at Casa Rimastro, continue along the path that passes near the building. The path reaches another abandoned farmhouse. From here continue on the right along a path that climbs in an easterly direction and which surrounds the church of Santa Margherita. Leave two paths on the left. You arrive at the Campiano farmhouses. Continue until you reach the top of a subject, turn left and reach the ridge.
Once you reach the ridge, take the path on the right. After making a small descent, you reach a dirt path that climbs to the right. When the trail descends to the left side, continue along the ridge and continue along the route 9.

Length: 10.4 km
Duration: 3 hours and 45 minutes
Difference in height: 770 meters uphill and 570 meters downhill

The main ring of the SO.F.T. it is crossed with the path 3 on which it passes. Ring 6 of the SO.F.T paths is crossed on path 9 on which it passes.

  • Path 3/B: Cercingoli – Monte Calvana – Monte Ripaghera

Description path: From Cercingoli continue to climb into the woods along the road followed by itinerary 3 / A (the latter after a hundred meters turn left). Continue along the slightly uphill road towards the south-east. After a few hundred meters take a path that leads to the summit of Mount Calvana. Continue after about half a kilometer on the route 00 which leads just below the top of Mount Ripaghera.

Length: 2.2 km
Duration: 1 hour
Difference in height: 260 meters uphill and 40 meters downhill

  • Path 9: Sagginale- S. Cresci in Valcava – Monte Giovi

Description path: Trail 9 can be shortened in the first part of the route by car as far as the C. Valle junction. From the junction for Olmi, leave the Statale Faentina to follow, right for Ponte a Vicchio. After about 1 km and a half turn right to the church of San Cresci in Valcava.
Starting from Sagginale go up to the church of San Cresci following the ring 6 SO.F.T .. At the beginning of Sagginale go up to the right up to the houses of the Ghetto, the oratory of the Madonna della Febbre and the Casa Pian di Vigna. The path continues uphill, crossing the road from Villa La Quiete to Piano dei Cipressi. Continue along the path that turns slightly to the right. Then pass the lawn. Once arrived at the cemetery, continue for a short stretch of dirt road to the church of San Cresci in Valcava.
Once you reach the church, continue north. Arrived at the tabernacle, where there is also a crossroads, continue and pass the Casa Spedale and the M. Rinaldi. Reached another fork marked by a wooden cross, where a dirt road goes down to the right, leave the branch to the left for C.Valle. The itinerary continues at Casa Cignano and arrives at a crossroads. Continue to the right on the path that reaches a saddle. Precisely in this point, precisely from the right, the itinerary 3 / A arrives. Continue on the Monte Giovi ridge to the left. When the path descends to the right, continue along the ridge along a fence. Then turn right and go through a bushy area. Once you reach a plateau turn right and exit on the road that comes from Campestri (follow itinerary 9). Here we pass by a gate that must be closed once passed. Going up the road you arrive after about 500 meters at Villa Cerchiai. Continue on a steeper dirt road and leave a branch on the right towards C. Donnedro. To reach Monte Giovi continue on the itinerary 00.

Length: 6.4 km
Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes
Difference in height: 600 meters uphill

The path overlaps with the ring 3 “In the territories of the ancient castles” SO.F.T. for the entire route.

  • Path 9/A: (Vicchio) – Campestri – Itinerary 9 (M. Giovi)

Description path: follow the provincial road which detaches to the right from the Faentina road before Borgo San Lorenzo. 3 km after Sagginale, turn right onto a paved road that goes up to Campestri and Arliano. Just above, turn left to admire the ancient church of Cistio. The road then continues to the Campestri plateau.

Length: 3.7 km
Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes
Difference in height: 280 m

The path is superimposed with the ring 6 of the SO.F.T. Mugello “From the Sieve to Monte Giovi”.

  • Path 10: Piramide Brig. Partigiane – Varco Casa Cerro

Description path: The trail starts from the commemorative pyramid of the foundation of the first partisan formations of the Province. Those coming from Tambuino must leave the branch of route 11 on the left that goes up to M. Giovi. Continue for about 150 meters on the other branch of the IT. 11 which descends towards Vicchio. Beyond a clearing, you leave the itinerary 11, which goes down to the right into the chestnut grove. Continue on a wide road between chestnut woods, surrounding the summit of Mount Giovi from the north. This leads to a clearing that is overcome by keeping high and from which a saddling (936 m) can be seen at a distance. Once you reach the saddle, for the 00 itinerary, you can climb to the left at the top of Monte Giovi or, continuing in the same direction, you can get off at Casa Cerro.

Length: 2.0 km
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Difference in height: 120 m downhill

  • Path 11: Vicchio – Padulivo – M. Giovi

Description path: From Vicchio take the wide road to Sagginale on the right and, at km 6 + 200, go uphill on the left for a paved road to S. Martino a Scopeto and Barbiana. Reached the fork of Molino della Baldracca, turn right and, after passing a refreshment area, continue along the asphalt road. After passing an old villa you can reach the houses of Padulivo. Leave on the left a pedestrian access road to Barbiana, and you will reach a crossroads, where, in front, the itinerary 11 / A begins. It is a short variant for the church of Barbiana. Continue on the right-hand road, which arrives at the Castello houses (541 m). On your left, the 11 / A variant is rejoined to the itinerary.
Instead, to continue on route 11, go up on the right immediately after the buildings. Here begins a trail that goes up in the chestnut groves. After a last stretch of thick vegetation, exit the road also covered by the route 10. Take the path that leads to a source on the left, a few meters ahead. After another 100 meters, you reach the commemorative pyramid of the foundation of the first Partisan Brigades (860 m).
Here the itinerary 10 ends, superimposed on itinerary 11 in the last section, and itinerary 11 / B.
Take a bend on the right and go up the path that arrives on the ridge of Monte Giovi (950 m), where the route 00 joins. Continuing to the right, along the ridge, the road leads shortly to the top of Monte Giovi (992 m ).

Length: 5.7 km
Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Difference in height: 600 m uphill

The path overlaps the ring 5 “In the territories of Don Milani” SO.F.T. from the junction to the Molino della Baldracca in Casacce.

  • Path 12: (Vicchio)-S. Martino a Scopeto–Montauto-Tamburino-M. Giovi

Description path: From Vicchio, take the road to Sagginale, on the south bank of the Sieve, and after a kilometer past Ponte a Vicchio, take the road to S. Martino a Scopeto and Barbiana.
Leave the branch to Barbiana on the right, cross the village of S. Martino a Scopeto (396 m), go down briefly and, at a bend (384 m), leave the asphalt road. Climb to the right for a path avoiding the private road that starts to the right.
Reaching the houses of Montauto (576 m), go up to the right for about twenty meters, between the houses. Continue to the left. Go through a water intake and avoid two branches to the left, and other smaller branches further ahead. Arriving at a bend to the right, the trail ends in a clearing and the itinerary turns left, towards the nearby Poggio Panche (754m). Exit above the Scopeti road, skirting a rocky outcrop and following, in the last section, a beaten track that flanks the old path. Taking a right onto the road, you are in a short time at Tamburino from where you can continue to Monte Giovi following the routes 11 / B and 11.

Length: 4.2 km
Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes
Difference in height: 600 m uphill

The path overlaps the ring 5 “In the territories of Don Milani” SO.F.T. from the fork at Molino della Baldracca to Tamburino.

  • Path 15: Dicomano-Pruneta-Tamburino

Description path: From Dicomano (182 m) take the Provincial of Sagginale. After passing the Sieve, at the first bend we continue, in front, along the asphalt road that leads to the hamlet of Celle. Here, leave the route 14 on the left, and turn right onto a dirt road that goes up to the ancient rural core of Cellaia and continues through the woods to Fostia (370 m).
Continue for another km on the wide road that starts to the left of the building and, after passing a shed, go up to C. Pruneta (497 m), another farmhouse. Then enter a mule track. Enter the wood, leave a branch to the right that goes down to Poggio a Valle and, later, another that goes left towards Poggio Le Piane. Avoid other paths that go down to the right. After reaching a hill, you reach the road from Scopeti. After about 2 km you reach the houses of Tamburino (804 m) on the right.

Length: 6.9 km
Duration: 3 hours
Difference in height: 630 m uphill

The path overlaps the ring 4 “Rural architectures and Tuscan countryside” for the entire route.

  • Path 19: Dicomano-Pruneta-Tamburino

Description path: The most convenient way to reach the beginning of the itinerary of path 17, at the junction of Torricella, is the one for the Croci di Calenzano (A). It is also possible to arrive from Legri via a non-viable road in the final stretch (B). As a last option you can make the crossing that starts from Calenzano and arrives at S. Piero a Sieve, along the route 18 / P (C).
(A) From Le Croci di Calenzano (427 m), follow the road eastwards towards Route 00, along Via di Cupo, a narrow dirt road that branches off from Provincial Road 8, about 200 m before the pass.
At the first crossroads continue to the center, following the beautiful panoramic ridge that divides the Valdarno from the Mugello. Beyond (to the right) a quail run you reach a second crossroads, on which (on the left) there is a small villa. On the right, a high-level cart goes towards C. Le Valli; in the center, the It. 00 goes up to the nearby junction of Torricella: in front, on the top of P. Torricella, there are the big sheds of a farm.
On the left, however, take the widest road, to which the cart track that goes down from P. Torricella, which can shorten the routes B and C.
(B) From Legri (183 m) continue towards the north, along the dirt road that goes up the valley, where, just before Fisciano, the Route 00 comes from M, Gennaro. Continue along this route, for the remaining stretch of road, narrow and impassable by car, up to the junction Torricella (502 m), where the trail joins the path C, coming (from left), from the ridge of the Valleys.
(C) From Calenzano, to La Chiusa, Collina (reachable by car from Legri) and the ridge of the Valleys follows the It. 18 / P and you reach the Torricella junction.
If you followed route B or C you can continue to the left for Route 00 and, at the nearby crossroads, take a right onto Route 19 / P or, if there are no bans, continue on the dirt track that goes up, opposite, to the farm buildings of P. Torricella (537 m) and get off on Route 19 / P just before C. Colle.
After joining the three above-mentioned routes, the small road immediately reaches C. Colle (517 m), a beautiful farmhouse. After passing through C. Lavacchio, a large abandoned farmhouse, we arrive at the “Chiesino di Cupo” (513 m). Continue along a wide mule track, enter the oak woods and avoid two slopes that divide it, the first on the left and the second on the right.
The trail becomes a track that climbs immediately, on the right, on the slope of Poggio Bucaccia (584 m), at the service of the wood cuts. Leaving it, you continue straight on a narrow path. Further along, the aforementioned trail re-enters and continues on it, reaching the saddle between Poggio Bucaccia (on the right) and Poggio Val di Fiorana (on the left).
Then descend slightly, skirting a pine grove on the right and avoiding the minor slopes that detach to the sides, to the ruins of Case Cigoli (558 m).
Without leaving the wide cart track continue west following the long and panoramic ridge of Poggio Cigoli and touching the summit (579 m).
Avoid other slopes that go down to the right and, later, a dirt track that, at altitude, goes left at Casa S. Filippo, go down to a crossroads (491 m), and turn left.
At a nearby junction continue on the right, downhill, following a wider road (gate opening), near the Trebbio castle.
After the Aglianuccio farmhouses, the small road descends to the Trebbio castle (450 m), where, beyond the bar, cross the municipal road followed by the itinerary 17.
Continue in front, passing to the right of the chapel and the castle above, along a dirt road that descends to the S.S. 65 (della Futa) to the back (251 m) that, just beyond the junction of Novoli, divides the valley of the Sieve from that of Carza.
Approach, almost opposite, a road that goes up to C. Collina (271 m). Leave a private road (bar) on the right and take a cart road to the left, which continues westwards. In the valley, you can see the great castle of Cafaggiolo.
Avoid the slopes that rise into the woods and always along the fence, you reach a crossroads (283 m) (Those who make the reverse route must avoid the first, wider track, which begins to the left of the junction and runs along the fence of the campsite) .
From the junction a small, uneven road opposite the imposing Medici fortress of S. Martino. Go down to the left for a dirt road that is also very bumpy, which leads to a small tabernacle in the woods, above the village of S. Piero a Sieve.
For the Via della Fortezza, take the Giogo state highway, reaching the center of S. Piero a Sieve (205 m).

Length: 8.2 km
Duration: 3 hours and 15 minutes
Difference in height: 130 meters uphill and 430 meters downhill

The path overlaps the ring 8 “In the Medici places of the Mugello” from Case Cogoli to the Ischieti farm and the Main Ring from the Crosses of Calenzano to the Ischieti farm.


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