Trebbio Castle

Trebbio CastleTrebbio Castle was one of the first residences the Medici built in Mugello. It is located on a hill overlooking the whole of the Mugello valley and is close to a trivium (Trebbio means trivium exactly).

The castle was built according to Giovanni di Bicci’s wishes. Later, he passed to his son Cosimo the Elder who restored it to architect Michelozzo. He wanted the residency to look like a fortified castle. Thus a tower was built, the moat, the drawbridge and a walled garden. During the mid-1500s the Castle was enlarged. In 1644 it was sold to Giuliano Serragli, which in turn gave it to the Padri Filippini. Between 1700 and 1800 the Trebbio became the property of Oreste Codibò. In 1882 it was bought by Prince Marcantonio Borghese (already owner of Cafaggiolo, Medici Fortress of San Piero in Sieve and Villa il Palagio). In the nineteenth century all the rural houses were demolished to create a cypress wood. In the twentieth century instead a beautiful garden was built in front of the villa. In 1936 the Trebbio Castle was bought by the Scaretti family. Mr. Enrico purchased the Castle for his wife on the occasion of the second wedding anniversary. Since 2013, the villa is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle hosted many important people such as: Amerigo Vespucci (during the plague of 1476), Donatello, Poliziano, Pico della Mirandola, Luigi and Luca Pulci, Marsilio Ficino.

Trebbio is a private property and is possible visited it only by reservation (maximum 30 people). Tel. 055 848088 – 339 3029697

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